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Important News And Happenings At Turkish Airlines

Aviation Weekly

Part of the Star Alliance, Turkish Airlines has gained more strength than ever. At the moment, they have 171 routes of which 130 are international destinations and 41 domestic. While their main base is at Ataturk International Airport, they operate flights all over the world, from North and South America, to Europe, Asia and Africa. The past four years has seen their revenues and passenger numbers rise significantly. Their revenue was a total of 2.2 billion USD for 17 million passengers served in 2006. The company made approximately 4 billion USD in 2009, with more than 25 million passengers using the airline, making it a terrific year for them. By the way, if you're interested in tours that take you to snorkel in Grenada, you should definitely check out Dive Grenada. They give great tours and feature the most breathtaking Grenada snorkeling sites.

October of 2010 saw the announcement that Turkish Airlines will continue to expand their reach during 2011. Quite naturally, for an airline that is growing so rapidly, this is fantastic news. The Turkish Ministry of Transport released information that the airline would be flying to 11 new destinations as of this year. There will be four weekly flights to Shiraz, Iran beginning in mid-March. Starting in the middle of March, Turkish Airlines will fly to Los Angeles, CA four times a week. This is wonderful for going to the United States west coast. Additional countries include China, Greece, Spain, France and three destinations in Italy. Turkey's number one airline had a very busy month during October of 2010. The airline took delivery of the first Boeing 777-300ER (Extended Range) aircraft. Turkish Airlines has placed an order to get 12 of these very contemporary and technological aircrafts from Boeing. Actually, Turkish Airlines makes no secret of their plans to battle their way into the competitive turf of the US and Asia. They have long term plans to continue growing on a global scale. All things about Turkish Airlines says that it is utilizing the highest quality tools and resources that one can find. This certainly is reflected in their services.

The purpose of the Turkish Airlines rewards program is to get people to upgrade to better classes as often as possible. Their passengers and customers have a lot more to gain from this. Miles & Smiles card holders can switch their tickets up from Economy, Business and Comfort Class. Business, First and Comfort class are the options available to passengers who wish to upgrade. The price paid for each upgrade is the correct number of miles earned from the rewards program.

As a result of diversifying their strong marketing efforts, Turkish Airlines have been able to reap the benefits.

Most businesses understand this basic business principle. Unfortunately, not all businesses tend to spend their profits quite as effectively as Turkish Airlines effort to reinvest in their own growth. So not only does it make the airline stronger, but it allows for passengers to benefit as well.

Qatar Flies Most Of The Non-Stop Flights Between New Delhi And Doha   by Rock Rodney

New Delhi is the Capital City of India and all airlines, both domestic and international, operate flight services from its Indira Gandhi International Airport to various parts of the World.

Doha is the largest and also the Capital City of Qatar, holding the seat of power of the country and the educational facility for the people of the country and those coming from abroad. New Delhi to Doha flights land in the Doha International Airport, which is the only International Airport of Qatar.

The air traffic between New Delhi and Doha is patronized mostly by commercial public and therefore both the airports are flooded with travelers all the days.

There are about 20 flight connections operating among New Delhi to Doha flights, most of the days 2 of them direct flights between these two destinations. These routes are operated by 17 airline companies and Qatar flies the most of the non-stop schedules. The non-stop flights cover the distance by 4 hrs and 30 minutes.

The following airlines operate the New Delhi to Doha flights, in some cases connecting flights from other airline companies.

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Worldwide, air travel only accounts for 1.6% of human greenhouse gas emissions.


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So overall, airplanes are currently responsible for about 4.3% of human global warming impact, which contrary to Jim's claims below, are responsible for almost all of the current global warming.

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