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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are the most commonly used kinds General Aviation aircraft?

I want to know what kinds of GA aircraft are most common in the skies, not on the ground. I know that the Cessna 172 is the most manufactured aircraft ever, but many of these spend most of their time on the ground while their hobbyist owners are at their day jobs. Business jets are built in much smaller numbers, but some of these fly every day. In terms of flights from one airport to another, or in terms of planes in the sky on any given day, can anyone give me a list of the most common GA aircraft? Or does anyone have statistics on how common are small single engine planes vs. twin engine propeller vs small or medium sized business jets vs privately owned jetliners?

Best Answer...


I'd say it is a 172. There aren't a lot of people who own them as their weekend toys, they aren't fun airplanes. Most are at flight schools and they do a lot of flying.

My next guess would be king airs, there are tons of them out there and they do fly quite a bit. Corporate jets don't fly as much as you'd think with the exception of large companies like netjets and citation shares. Few companies use their jets for daily travel. Most fly about 200 hours a year. That isn't much.

The stats you want just don't exist. If they do, I've never came across them.