African Airlines

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How good is Ethiopian Airlines?

I'm going to be in Lusaka, Zambia for two weeks this summer, and will be going to India after that. I routed it on Vayama and found a flight from Lusaka to Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airlines and then to Bombay/Mumbai from there, also on Ethiopian. For those of you have flown/heard about Ethiopian, how good is it? I'm a little hesitant about traveling on African airlines other than South African Airways, so I need some information. If it isn't good, I'll just fly British Airways via LHR.

Best Answer...


I know Ethiopian Airlines and first time I used It I was hesitant as well, but ...It wasn't as bad as I thought It would be...actually. It was Great. I think , In our minds , we give a little credit for African(Ethiopian) Airlines than we should. Ethiopian Airline is the 2nd biggest in africa, you will be OKAY!

Best Airlines - AFRICA

1-South African Airways
2-Ethiopian Airlines
3- Kenya Airways