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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to take film pictures with Zenit 11?

I got this vintage USSR cam and i already now how to rewind and load the film, but when i press the release button, i can hear the snap sound, but it doesn't take pictures on my film, i wonder why.
please help! thank you :)

Best Answer...


I get this horrible feeling that you are taking the picture, opening the back and looking at the film. Please tell me this ain't so.
When you fire the shutter a very precisely measured but small amount of light is allowed through the lense and hopefully onto the film - assuming the shutter actually works. This is immediately self-evident if you give 10 seconds thought to what is happening. Should you have a 36 exposure film in the camera you will repeat this 36 times then rewind the film, only then do you open the back, take the cassette out and take it to a processor for developing and printing. If you open the back while the film is still in use then possibly 1000000 times too much light will hit the film - not just the frame you were on but all the film that is not stil in the cassette.
In a nutshell, film is sensitive to light - that is how it works.