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Frequently Asked Questions...

can you find the names of these bands/solo artists?

for example : Treacherous vicar = Judas priest
Eastend Revolution = Cockney Rebel
(this took me ages)
1. nun toboggan
2. get paste from tube
3. elizabeth,victoria,mary
4. Ba,B.Sc.,B.Eng.
5. stop jock and stop jock
6.Dickie:,Groucho Harpo and Zeppo
7. babies on the slab
8. desert water hole
9. aircraft data recording unit
10. insanity
11.blokes grafting
12. young men selling animals
13. pale serpent
14. both of you
15. merlin
16. i am fanatical about the girl
17. disturbed vision
18. prosperous city vermin
19. sticky plasters
20. desperate trouble
re-monkeynut the bachelors is not the answer im looking for altho they were an irish boy band from the 70's or something!
oh and the two of us is wrong too!! lol
and mad about the girl he he keep tryin !!

Best Answer...


1: Sister sledge
2: Squeeze
3: Queen
4: Lets try The Three Degrees
5:Womak And Womak
6: Richard Marx
7: New kids on the block
8: Oasis
9: Black Box
10: Madness
11: Men At Work
12: Pet Shop Boys
13: White Snake
14: U2
15: Wizard
16: Madonna
17: Blur
18: Boomtown Rats
19: Band Aid
20: Dire Straights