Beechcraft Bonanza

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Bonanza G36 - Chuck Hansen - N460YR

Frequently Asked Questions...

if u were to choose to buy a general aviation plane, would you pick a cessna 182? or a beechcraft bonanza g36?

explain why? i am planing to buy 1 of these planes soon. i just need a little research on their prices, performance, range, and speed.

Best Answer...


First, the two of these don't really compare!

A G36 is a very high performance retractable aircraft. It is much faster and much more expensive to buy, own, maintain, insure. A 6 place aircraft, wih 300 HP it will cruse along at 170kts. and do so for around 900nm. Will have much higher insurance requirements and pilot experience requirements, in fact to be insured most companies will need an instrument rated pilot.

A 182 is a good four place very easy to fly basic aircraft. It is 230 HP at about 130-135kts and has welded landing gear! It will be much less expensive to own, insure, etc. In fact low time or even student pilots can fly this one.

Cost, the 182 will be about 1/2 of the G36 to buy.... A new C182 lists at 380K. Per Cessnas website...

Now if you want to compare the G36 and a Corvalis TTX that is a different story!