Cessna Twin

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Nitro Planes 71" Cessna Twin 421C And 92.5" Twin Cessna 310 In Flight

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Cessna Twin

Frequently Asked Questions...

Most fun to fly?

What plane in your opinion (experienced one) is the most fun to fly?

Whether it be an airliner, crj, learjet cessna, twin prop, turbo prop, citabria, pipers, cub, p51, extra 300, any plane


Best Answer...


I did some work for a guy who had a little two seat aerobatic plane back when I was an airport bum. It was a kit based on the Zodiac. That thing would outfly a hummingbird. I've never had as much fun as riding in that aircraft. Seriously, and this might be a little sad, I just might prefer that feeling of freedom to a woman's touch. It was crap for range and comfort, but it seemed like you just had to think about what you wanted to do, and the plane would do it. It was that quick.