Cherokee 180

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This is a product assessment for Cherokee 180. Many shoppers don"t straightaway think of eBay when it comes to Cherokee 180, but in fact eBay is amongst the top three retailers in the nations marketplace. Be amazed with the items you will discover here at Aviation Weekly.

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1963 Piper Cherokee 180 IFR Stormscope Cheap flyer 2399500

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Cherokee 180

Frequently Asked Questions...

Which plane is larger (in the cockpit and in general)?

I have been offered a discovery flight on a PA28-180 (Piper Cherokee 180) or a Cessna 172 for the same price. I am a rather large guy (about 6'5", nearing 300lbs) which one would be most comfortable for me in the cockpit.

Plus is it more comfortable to a fly an airplane with wings under your or above you in general? It seems like the Piper would feel more like an actual plane.


Best Answer...


You don't mention your age, or whether you have arthritis. If you have normal flexibility and range of motion, you should be able to enter either airplane without too much trouble. Certainly the Cessna will be easier if you are stiff in the joints.

If you were 5' 10" and 300 lbs, it would be a whole different story, but at your height, that weight is more reasonable. I have a friend who flies a Beechcraft Travel Air and who is about 6' 6" and 285, age 58, and has some arthritis. He's a BIG guy. The Travel Air is a twin, but it is laid out much the same way as the Cherokee. He moans and groans a bit, but he manages to get in and out of the left seat okay.

If you are interested in learning to fly yourself, you should become familiar with both high-wing and low-wing airplanes. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks. The high-wing airplane is easier to get in and out of and gives you a better view of the ground when in flight. The low wing is a little easier to get a really nice landing out of, and it teaches better piloting habits.

For people interested in a piloting career, I usually recommend that they try to stay with low wing airplanes. Most high-performance airplanes are low-wing, and it teaches better control and landing skills.

As for the ride, the discussion as to which is better is endless, and it appears to be a matter of personal taste.

On the whole, perhaps you would enjoy doing your first flight in the Cessna, and then try the Cherokee soon after, if you are going to start flight instruction.

Have fun!

Piper Cherokee 180 inside view of takeoff