Revell Uss

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what mixes of paints do i use on the revell uss misouri?

i mean the mixes of colours it dont tell you on the box but ive lost the colour chart so i dont know becouse it was on the coluor chart

Best Answer...


The best paints are TESTORS enamels...

For the current paint-scheme, you'll want to use Testors Model Master paints:

Hull & Super structure: Medium Gray FS35237
Deck: Sand FS33531 or Radome Tan FS33613
Lower Hull: Tuscan Red F110184 (Floquil)

You'll also want flat-black for the tops of the stacks, gun-boots, and the boot-line, bronze for the screws (propellers), and perhaps some dark-blue for the bridge windows.

When painting a model I ALWAYS research around my bookshelves and the internet to find LOTS of pictures of the subject I'm building.