Wooden Boat

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Whats the easyest way to sand a wooden boat?

I bought a 1957 Lyman 15. I was wondering what the easyest way to sand it. How many coats of varnish. And what kind of varnish and everything from sanding to finishing Please and Thanks ATON

Best Answer...


Have the radio on, plenty of drink, shade and time. The job will be better if the drink is non-alcoholic, but nowhere near as fun.

Stripping is quicker and a lot less dust.

The best time to re-coat varnish is before it fails, every few months at least you surface sand and re-coat.

Use quality natural bristle brushes, and I use a lot of Penatrol myself, as thinner and pre-coats.

Unfortunately there is no easy way, just the right way working through the grades.

Half a dozen coats at least for a good finish.