Chesapeake Ohio

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1944 Chesapeake and Ohio 2-8-4 Kanawha or Berkshire Type Freight Locomotive

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traveling helppp????????

Me and my friend are going on a trip to Nashville TN next month.
we found a cheap hotel for around 50 bucks. We need someone to be very kind to calculate how much gas it would take to get there and back. please leave your resources. we are going to be driving a 2009 Nissan Rouge. We are driving from chesapeake ohio and it is approximately 285 miles away from Nashville. If anyone knows how much gas that would be please let us know. Also, if anyone knows how much money we should bring for food..for 3 people and we are staying for 1 day. thanks

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The distance from Chesapeake, Ohio to Nashville, Tennessee is 340 miles. It takes 5 hours and 15 minutes to drive and gas will cost about $30. Give yourself extra time, however, because you may encounter road work delays, accidents, and interstate congestion. Have fun!